While grocery shopping at Central Market I noticed a special on Falksalt.  I have tried Maldon salt, but not Falksalt.  They seemed very similiar, both being flaky salt crystals. The Falksalt on the other hand, came in a variety of flavors.  The one I was most intrigued by was the Black salt.  I just imagined using it in a sweet caramel sauce and pouring it over vanilla bean ice cream.  Before buying the salt I wanted to go home and do a little research so I knew what I was getting into.  Falksalt's website recipe with the Black salt takes it a step further by creating a Dark Side Ice Cream with Raspberries.  Apparently the black variety still holds it's color so it can add some beautiful dark hues to your dish. I'm sold.  Next time I go in I'm going to pick some up and try one of the recipes from the website!

Other flavors include Smoke, Lemon, Wild Garlic, Chipotle, Wild Mushroom, Chili, and Rosemary.

Visit Falksalt online to learn more and explore yummy recipes, and even new ways to liven up your next cocktail!

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